Elections 2021: Appeals

Elections 2021: Appeals

This form must be used to submit a formal appeal. Complaints are sent directly to the Deputy Returning Officer for deliberation.

The Deputy Returning Officer will hear any appeal made.

If the Deputy Returning Officer reaches the decision that the complaint should be upheld, they can either agree with the original decision of the Election Committee or decide to increase or decrease the original penalty imposed.

If a candidate submits an appeal to a punishment levied by the Elections Committee, the punishment in question is suspended until the Deputy Returning Officer rules on the appeal. i.e. a campaigning ban does not start until the Deputy Returning Officer has ruled.

In the event that the Deputy Returning Officer rejects the Appeal and chooses to uphold the Elections Committee’s punishment (or increase the severity of said punishment), and there is insufficient time to carry out the punishment, the candidate may be excluded from the election.

The candidate will be informed of the Deputy Returning Officer’s ruling within 48 hours of the Appeal being submitted. In extraordinary cases, additional time may be required and the candidate(s) in question will be notified of this.

Decisions of the Deputy Returning Officer may be appealed to the Returning Officer at NUS, in which case the same process as above will be followed. The Returning Officer's decision is final.